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This picture demonstrates the sgrafitto technique which consists of scratching a design through a solid coat of tempera to reveal the gold leaf underneath.

DHome - 2008 Award Winners - The Best of Everything Issue "Best Midas Touch"


Frame Making

When selecting a frame for a painting, we start the creative process by determining the proper style of the frame corresponding to the period of the painting as well ast the client's personal taste. Frame samples on display include American, Dutch, French, Italian, and Spanish. We can also duplicate frames from antique book designs or provided images when samples are not available.

Because we truly customize each frame we can alter any element; such as, carving detail, size of the profile, wood type, and finish.

Our wood carvers work from hand drawn templates, in the old world tradition. Chiseling each section by hand with an emphasis in 3-dimentional deep carving techniques.

Even though gold leaf is traditionally the finish of choice, our silver leaf and original antique painted finishes have set us apart from other competitors.