Hand carved frame with silver finish
  Every piece of art is treated with care and given meticulous attention. Las Negras maintains detailed documentation to ensure the integrity and authenticity of it's historical value.


For more than 25 years, Las Negras Studio has built an enduring reputation for providing comprehensive services in frame-making, painting restoration, antique restoration/replication and special finishes. It maintains the highest quality craftsmanship available in the Dallas area.

Carlos Espinosa, owner of Las Negras Studio, learned his craft through classical art training at the Royal Fine Arts Academy of San Fernanado - in Madrid Spain, his native country.

He opened his studio to painting and frame restoration in 1985, after twelve years of apprenticeship at John Douglass Picture Frames. The business has since grown to a seven-man operation with each craftsman trained in a specific area of expertise. Under his direction, each member of the staff has developed years of experience dedicated to providing the finest in old world workmanship.