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All custom frames and furniture are drawn to scale and created by hand making each piece as a one of a kind piece of art.

"A typical hand-carved frame or piece of furniture may take hundreds of hours to create."


A Workshop in the Spanish Tradition

Our 11,000 sq.ft workshop is divided into three distinct sections. The first area is comprised of our showroom, where clients may select from our classical hand-carved samples, design original concepts for furniture making or discuss the restoration treatments for paintings or art objects. We also reserve a large area for safe storage of all pieces approved for restoration.

Adjacent to the showroom are the studios for painting conservation and special finishes. Each area is separate and equipped with industrial filtration systems. Large windows and color correct fluorescent lighting produce extensive natural lighting which is a necessary element to insure color accuracy.

The last area is the wood-working shop where all new construction and wood carving is created . Once the wood pieces are carved, they are sent up to the finishing section. In this area, finishes are created based on client specifications or matched to an existing sample.